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Preeminent Group is the Largest and Number 1 team in ERA Singapore in terms of the number of agents and revenue growth. For the past five consecutive years, it has been named the Top Sales group at ERA, which is an unprecedented record in the company's history.

Our team is made up of dynamic and positive-minded individuals who are passionate about real estate sales and helping our clients make the best property decisions. Each agent is equipped with the best tools in the form of knowledge, methodology and technology to achieve sales targets. The group's success can be attributed to a warm and inviting culture that is open to sharing knowledge. There is a flat hierarchy and new agents are given step-by-step guidance and training to reach their desired goals. We believe that for any agent to be successful, having the Right Products, Right Training and Right System are key!

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Right Product

ERA is the market leader in new project launches, with close to 100 local and international projects being marketed by our agents. Riding on the positive market outlook which has seen the launch of more Government Land Sales sites and collective sales, ERA is poised to market most of all the latest and hottest new and highly popular launches in 2019. This also means that our agents will have more opportunities to market, generate leads and sell products that consumers want.

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Upcoming Projects



D09, D10, D11, D21


D09, D10, D11, D21


D09, D10, D11, D21


D12 - D14


D15 - D18


Right Training

Preeminent Group has many wholistic up-to-date training programmes that aim to help our agents face daily challenges. We have 3 x basic Eminence specialised skillset trainings for all newbie agents to start the business correctly. We also have 4 x fundamental skillset trainings that hone prospecting, presentation, digital market and negation skills for any agent, improving their overall sales performance and upgrading their skills so that they can build an evergreen business model. Our various empowering monthly trainings, sharing sessions, expert level trainings and one-to-one coaching further empowers our associates to be the best!

  • HDB

Project Eminence Intensive Training

Lesson Topic Hours
PRO1 Project Marketing Opportunites in ERA 2
PRO2 Secret Selling Skills - Growth & Transformation 2
PRO3 Project Marketing Strategies 2
PRO4 Project Marketing Financial Calculation 2
PRO5 Financial Restructuring Techniques 2
PRO6 Secret Selling Skills & Techniques for Executive Condominium 2
PRO7 Dominating Online Marketing Methods, Techniques & Strategies 2
PRO8 How To Design A Showflat Experience To Secure Buyer Effectively 2
8 Lessons 16 Hours

Private Eminence Intensive Training

Lesson Topic Hours
PTE01.1 Introduction to PTE Eminence & Selecting The Right GTA 3
PTE01.2 Effective Way Of Leads Collection 2
PTE02 3 Steps To Building Brand Authority In Real Estate 2
PTE03 Private Exclusive Presentation & Preparation of Sales Kit 2
PTE04 Winning From Marketing 2
PTE05 Private Financial Calculations & Timeline Planning 2
PTE06 Qualifying The Right Buyer, Negotiation and Objection Handling 2
PTE07 Property Advisory Solutions 2
PTE08 Mastering Selling Landed Property 2
PTE09 Rental Mastery 2
PTE10 Commercial & Industrial Intensive 2
11 Lessons 23 Hours

HDB Eminence Intensive Training

Lesson Topic Hours
HDB01 Importance on HDB Financial Calculation for Sellers 2
HDB02 Importance on HDB Financial Calculation for Buyers 2
HDB03 Effective HDB Timeline Planning 2
HDB04 Essential HDB Resale and Rental Procedures 2
HDB05 Outshine in HDB Marketing 2
HDB06 HDB Prospecting Strategies 2
HDB07 HDB Exclusive Presentation & Preparation of Sales Kit 2
HDB08 HDB Negotiation & Closing 2
HDB09 Special Scenarios For HDB 2
HDB10 Upselling Opportunity S1B2 2
10 Lessons 20 Hours

Preeminent Group Trainings

Project Eminence

Private Eminence

HDB Eminence

Business Breakthrough Mastery

Preeminent Sniper Presentation

Realtors Digital Marketing Masterclass

Winning In Negotiation

Career Opportunity Talk

Rising Stars

Monthly Sharing - Networking

Monthly Intensive Coaching

Recruiters Mastermind

ERA Trainings

Acceleration Programme

Assets Progression Mastery

Commercial Mastery

Condo & EC Mastery

Deal Maker Mastey

Digital Edge Seminar

Estate Planning In Portfolio Advisory

Expert Realtor Mastery

Facebook Audience Customisation

Financial Advisory Closing Mastery

Financial Calculation Workshop

HDB Resale Mastery

Induction Programme

Instagram Marketing

Landed Mastery

Legal Talk

Listing Presentation Mastery

Project Marketing Mastery

Rental Mastery

Sales Pitch Purchase Technique Mastery

Social Media Marketing Seminar

Success Seminar

Ultimate Consumer Seminar

Ultimate Investment Seminar

Ultimate Leadership Warrior Camp

Ultimate Market Intelligence Seminar

Ultimate Realtorpreneur Training Course

Ultimate Sales Warrior Camp

Ultimate Wealth Seminar

Website Marketing Seminar

WeChat Seminar

Right System

GRABPro is an innovative and interactive App created by Preeminent Group where our agents and leaders can connect with one another instantly, efficiently and effectively. GRABPro provides our agents with the benefits of scheduling their posts for available listings automatically and effortlessly. The App allows our sales agents to consolidate their listings and market them productively. Agents can multi-task on a transaction by searching the condo library, accessing the mortgage calculator, view a map for exact location of listings and information or even schedule an appointment.

GRABPro is a paradigm for real estate agents!

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Success Stories

Leadership is not abusing the Power that You have; Leadership is serving with all Power You have for the greater good for your people. That is the true meaning of Leadership. Kevin Lim & his team of dynamic leaders is the team I know that can lead You from ordinary to Extraordinary!

- Mr. Darmadi Darmawangsa, President ERA Indonesia

Kevin Lim是新加坡ERA的Executive Group Division Director , 2014年他的團隊commission(佣收)合台幣約3.6億,並榮獲2014新加坡ERA 第一名 Top Leadership Team. Kevin 從業只有13年,能夠有這樣的佳績,說明他對自己的人生是多麼的Responsibility 。

- Mr. Jack Huang, President ERA Taiwan

"Preeminent Group is the #1 FASTEST GROWING Group in ERA Led By a team of young and dynamic leaders!"

- Mr. Marcus Chu, COO ERA Singapore

"Preeminent Group is awarded the No.1 Team in ERA for 5 years consecutively in 2014/2015/2016/2017/2018! This is the 1st time in the history of ERA for 37 years"

- Mr. Jack Chua, CEO ERA Singapore

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